Shivam Homeopathy

I was in 8th standerd when I started my treatment with Dr Tushar Apte.I had a problem of Asthama since childhood. My parents had tried a lot of medicines. At every season change I had problems breathlessness and wheezing in chest. I was allergic to, too many things. When I started Homoeopathic medicines my resistance got better and very soon I was off all Allopathic medicines. I took treatment for 2 yrs Since then I take Homoeopathic Medicines for any illness I have. I am now in 4th year of Engineering , few days back small acne erupted on my face and back. Homoeopathic medicines relieved me off my problem once again. Very thanks to Dr Apte.

A.V. Deshpande, Pune

I, Usha Kulkarni, was suffering from joint pains (especially at wrist of right hand) since last 1 year. The pains were so severe that it was almost impossible for me to conduct my daily activities. I have tried a lot of allopathic treatment, but they all gave temporary relief. After starting treatment at Dr Tushar Apte’s clinic, I have got very positive results. After three months itself, the pain levels reduced a lot. Now my wrist pain is almost gone. I am very much grateful to Dr Tushar for his treatment.

Usha Kulkarni, Barshi

I hereby express my sincere gratitude towards Dr Tushar Apte for his valuable and successful medical treatment offered by him for my multiple renal calculi in left kidney from March 2001 to 2003.I suffered from renal calculi since 1976.I have undergone 3 operative procedures regarding these stones- in 1977, 1980 and 1994. The type of procedures were, open kidney, open ureter and lithotripsy. Even then, one embedded stone in left kidney could not be removed with the above-mentioned methods.
Dr Apte’s treated me with most sincere and patient efforts. He used all his skill and gave me Homoeopathic medicines. I also took his medicines religiously without frustrating for a period of 2 years. I was surprised that the embedded renal calculi of size 7 mm was removed painlessly, his medicines probably crushed that stone and the powder passed through my urine unknowingly. Other stones in the left kidney of size 21mm and in right kidney on size 7mm and 12 mm were subsequently removed in the same way.
More surprisingly after 2003 till date I have no renal calculi now, I am taking his medicine once in 6 months for 15 days, according to him this medicine has helped me get rid of that tendency of stone formation.
I have no further words to express my gratitude .I only fray almighty God to bless him with fame, prosperity and popularity.

M.G Gokhale, Pune