Shivam Homeopathy

What does Homeopathy offer?

Homeopathy has a cure for diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, thyroid dysfunctions, chronic allergies like Asthma and skin rashes, other skin conditions like eczema, Psoriasis and Renal Calculi. Like the regular medical or allopathic system, homeopathy has its limitations, but, again like allopathic medicine, it is a complete science in offering relief in acute, chronic and terminal cases. In homeopathic line of treatment, it offers long lasting health benefits in chronic Cases and longstanding disorders. Homeopathy successfully treats acute cases (Rhinitis, Fevers, burns, etc.). Homoeopathy also gives palliative treatments to terminally ill patients.

What is Homoeopathic Approach towards a case?

Homeopathy considers a person as a whole, not considering the body parts separately; we look towards the man in disease and not the disease in man. We give utmost importance to the complete history of the disorder. Then we look at the investigations that were done and the previous treatment taken. Then finally we give him the best suited medicine.

Is Homoeopathy Slow in action?

No, not at all. Homoeopathy is fast acting in all acute conditions like fever, diarrhea, Rhinitis ect.It takes time in chronic problems like Asthma, Renal Calculi ect.When compared to modern medicine, homoeopathic medicines permanently cures the disorders rather than giving symptomatic relief.

Is Homoeopathy only for chronic disorders?

Homoeopathy is very useful for acute disorders like fever, cold & coryza, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, allergic rhinitis, indigestion etc

Can Homoeopathic treatment be taken along with allopathic medicines for Hypertension and Diabetes?

Kindly tell your Homoeopathic doctor about your allopathic treatment and he will advice you as how to Take your medicines along with homoeopathic medicines

Are diet restrictions very strict when on homoeopathic medicines?

The diet restrictions are in accordance with the disease you suffer from, rather than in accordance with the homoeopathic medicines. The right kind of diet and planned exercise are of high importance in any of the disorders. Example High protein diet is to be restricted in Renal disorders and allergic conditions of skin and chest.

What are the sources of Homoeopathic medicines?

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from, plant, animal and mineral sources.
Plant sources – Belladonna, Arnica, Pulsatilla Ashoka(indigenous)
Animal source – Apis.mel (Honey-bee), Blatta orit (cockroach) Naja(snake venom) Mineral source-Plumbum met(metal),Silicia(sand) and Phosphorus .
Other sources like diseased products, healthy animal tissues and secretions are also used to prepare homoeopathic medicines.